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Our Program

In a traditional Mentorship program, someone would have to choose which area of interest is more important to them. At Orion’s Reach, our mentorship program is customized to the needs of each Mentee. Sometimes, it is more beneficial for a Mentee to have multiple Mentors. To benefit the most from a formal mentorship program it needs to be customized to your individual needs. This is why at Orion’s Reach we spend the time with each Mentee to truly support building their confidence and set them up for success. Each person's mentorship experience is built around four core elements.


Types of Mentorship experiences we specialize in:

  • Reverse Mentoring

  • Group Mentoring

  • Customized Mentoring

  • Mentorship program consulting

Your Strengths * Your Purpose * Your Expertise * Your Network 


After the initial assessment, each Mentee is match with our Mentors. Some Mentees require multiple Mentors, simply because they are wanting to improve on multiple skills sets. They may want to learn from a successful entrepreneur while also deep diving into ways to develop and retain employees.

How do you sign-up?

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