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Our Mission

We provide an inclusive and all encompassing mentorship program for business professionals across diverse fields to experience the benefits of a mentorship program. At Orion’s Reach our team is fuelled by feedback from our Mentees. Stories of success and failure drive us to help others. When members of our team are asked how they become successful, their answer is the same,“I had some amazing mentors!”

What sets us apart?

At Orion’s Reach our approach to mentorship is different. Professionals are looking to learn from different perspectives in-order-to transform into someone who is ready to REACH for the stars. As a result, we match each Mentee with multiple Mentors based on desired skills they would like to learn as well as interests. With this approach, individuals can develop leadership and presenting skills at the same time from two different experts. Our approach also provides opportunity for individuals to learn about a specific industry from multiple perspectives.

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