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Bina Kamath

Founder & CEO

Bina has a passion for helping others pinpoint their joie de vivre, whether that be professionally or personally. Her story is both motivational and aspirational. She started as a stay-at-home mom with two children and eventually realized she wanted to get into the workforce to make a name for herself.  Bina relentlessly and tirelessly climbed the corporate ladder to achieve her goals and exceed everyone’s expectations. Orion’s Reach is truly a labour of love and her pride and joy. 

Julia Kowalewski

Communications Coordinator

Mentorship found me, and in doing so it change the trajectory of my career! I volunteer because I want to play a part in helping others find their paths forward in their careers no matter the starting point. Mentorship can change so many things, and everyone should experience its benefits. 

Angela D'souza

Mentorship Program Director

The sense of fulfillment that I receive when I witness the progress and success of my mentees is truly immense. Through the customized mentorship program at OR, I am able to support and build strong connections within my community.

Megan Wickens

Business Development and Operations

Megan is passionate about people and demonstrates this passion through her devotion to forging meaningful connections. Megan has proven herself as a visionary leader who dreams big and values creativity and innovation.

Kaleigh MacDonald

Honorary Member

Kaleigh lives for deep connection and it is a huge part of her personal “why” and her passion for mentorship which she is able to live and fulfill through supporting Orion’s Reach in their mission. She believes in mentorship for building strong connections, continuous learning and growth, and inspiring and empowering others into their greatest potential and she loves how Orion’s Reach has made mentorship accessible and customizable to all.

Chantha Nhem

Honorary Member

Chantha is a HR Professional specializing in global early career professionals' success strategy. She is an inclusive leader who is passionately committed to championing, advocating, and building a more inclusive world for all. She truly believes that change happens when we listen to each other’s experiences, advocate for ourselves and others, work together collaboratively and collectively and choose to challenge the status quo. She is a certified Inclusion & Diversity Influencer, holds a Business Administration Diploma, and has 10+ years of experience in managing several diverse teams in the corporate telecommunications industry. Her expertise and knowledge are in the areas of inclusive leadership practices, DEI strategies, emotional agility, people development, coaching, mentoring, team building and process transformation. She currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario with her spouse and two young children. She enjoys nature adventures, biking, reading, baking, traveling, and incorporating new eco-friendly practices.

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