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Why is Mentorship important?

Mentorship is an important part of a person's professional development. It provides an opportunity to learn skills while engaging in professional socialization. Having a mentor is like having a career coach, who not only knows the game very well but either played or currently plays at a high level. They draw from their career experience and customize their advice to help you achieve your goals. Whether your goal is start a business, attain a promotion or become a better leader, advice from someone successful who has already achieved similar success is a great place to start.


When should I consider Mentorship?

Short answer, always! Mentorship is a fantastic place to start when you are planning your career, considering a transition to a different field, or if you feel like your career has stalled. Mentors have the opportunity to provide specific advice as an outsider looking in on your career. They have a fresh perspective and often will make comments or suggestions you have never thought about before. After a conversation with a Mentor you will typically feel inspired, because someone you may aspire to be has taken time from their day to talk about you.

How is the mentorship program at Orion's Reach different?

Why Mentorship?

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