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Our Story

Orion’s Reach is a Not-for-Profit organization comprised of passionate volunteers dedicated to helping aspiring professionals acquire the skills and knowledge required to REACH their career goals. 

Our Mentors

Our team of dedicated Mentor volunteers have dedicated time away from their offices, boardrooms, and businesses to share their expertise with aspiring professionals. They are happy to talk about their careers, share industry knowledge, and coach on various soft skill sets.     

Our Program

At Orion’s Reach, we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding expectations in multiple areas. We conduct workshops, and information sessions. Our main focus is facilitating and organizing an extensive mentorship network, which will benefit mentees greatly in the present and future.

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendar with our upcoming events. All Orion's Reach events can be found on our events lists as well as our social media pages

At Orion’s Reach our team is fueled by feedback from our Mentees. Stories of success and failure drive us to help others. Each member of Orion’s Reach has the same comment when asked how they became successful. “I had some amazing mentors!”

Want to join?

Meet our team!

Bina Kamath, CEO & Founder of Orion's Reach has a passion for helping others pinpoint their joie de vivre, whether that be professionally or personally. Her story is both motivational and aspirational. She started as a stay-at-home mom with two children and eventually realized she wanted to get into the workforce to make a name for herself.  Bina relentlessly and tirelessly climbed the corporate ladder to achieve her goals and exceed everyone’s expectations. Orion’s Reach is truly a labour of love and her pride and joy. 

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